"You Should Be Working With Jill"


“Jill is one of the country's great stand-out voice talents. Her ability to make subtle shifts in prosity and tone in order to convey real meaning (and not simply produce a beautiful sound) is unparalleled.  She's also incredibly nice and smart which makes any session both pleasurable and highly productive...You should be working with Jill.”
– Blade Kotelly

Design-Thinking Trainer + Hands-On User Experience Innovator and Consultant

"Makes Any Script Better"

Jill is delightful to work with and invariably makes a script better via the  subtle shadings of her performance. Unlike so many voice over talents with whom I've worked over many years, Jill always reads with intellectual understanding of the material and is able to turn on a dime to follow directorial prompts. Most voice over folks can give you three or four colors. Jill can give you the entire paintbox. 

- Andy Volk

Director, Producer, Writer, Designer

Creative Director, Volk Media Design

"A Top-notch Voice Talent"

 “Jill brings a unique energy and desire for perfection, and a way of  conveying complex concepts in a clear and simple way, within the persona we've chosen. I've heard Jill record everything from technical support prompts for a major telecom to empathetic prompts for a mental  health screening survey administered to war veterans...a top-notch  voice talent.”
– Mike Ahnemann
Principal VUI Designer,


 “Jill Jacobsen...known for general awesomeness!”
– Jessica Peterson, PhD
Senior User Insight Consultant
VoxGen LLC  

"Nuance and Warmth"

 Jill is a fantastic voice actor who brings so much nuance and warmth to everything she does.  Her work is dynamic and real. And she is such a great person. I always look forward to working  with her! 

- Wren Ross

Voice Over Artist & Vocal Presence Coach

"Intuition and Experience

I've been doing work with Jill since 2003.  We've worked on many  thousands of prompts over those years. Her voice is always smooth,  confident, warm, and direct. She is excellent at what she does. Her  consistency is uncanny. Prompts recorded months apart can be  incorporated into a single sentence without the listener knowing. Her tone is superb. Using her intuition and experience she is able to say anything in just the right way. I would never be angry if it were her voice telling me "I'm sorry, your account balance is zero..."  Her voice is wonderful.

  - Graham Morehead

Building world-class AI platforms