Jill's home page


“Jill Jacobsen...known for general awesomeness”
– Jessica Peterson, PhD,
Senior User Insight Consultant
VoxGen LLC

“Jill brings a unique energy and desire for perfection, and a way of conveying complex concepts in a clear and simple way, within the persona we've chosen. I've heard Jill record everything from technical support prompts for a major telecom to empathetic prompts for a mental health screening survey administered to war veterans... a top-notch voice talent.”
– Mike Ahnemann,
Principal VUI Designer,

“Jill is one of the country's great stand-out voice talents. Her ability to make subtle shifts in prosity and tone in order to convey real meaning (and not simply produce a beautiful sound) is unparalleled. She's also incredibly nice and smart which makes any session both pleasurable and highly productive...You should be working with Jill.”
– Blade Kotelly,
Chief Designer,

“You're great! You treat me like I'm your ONLY customer.”
– Chris Flynn,
IVR Product Development Manager,
GE Money